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Stu Matthews is a fully qualified and certified level 3 Personal Trainer, Advanced Kettlebell Trainer, and strength and conditioning coach, and also a member of The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) at its highest level. 


Stu has over 14 years experience in the fitness industry. His passion for fitness and training stems from his Army background where he served as a soldier for over 4 years. With this role physical fitness was a necessity. Serving as a soldier Stu was faced with physical and mental challenges and these experiences were what he needed to find his passion.

Stu Specialises in Functional Strength & Fitness. The Kettlebell is Stu’s number one choice and is one of the most popular forms of training for Fat loss, total body strength and immense physical fitness. Stu consistently demonstrates extraordinary results; he achieves this through his philosophy of Hard work and willingness to suffer, with bags of passion, motivation, guidance and most importantly the ability to change the client mindset. 

Stu’s Knowledge and training experience are both supplemented by his target/goal setting and ability to create and deliver training programmes with realistic results, through his own extensive training, Qualifications and “Real World “experience and dedicated research into exercise science. Stu continues to study and train with some of the best international and UK Strength & Conditioning & Kettlebell tutors. Personal accolades include: competed to the level of Rank 2 in Kettlebell (Girevoy)Sport competition. And Amateur Boxing bouts.

Stu has a first class attitude with his clients and has always believed in building a trusting rapport making him approachable and easy to talk to. He makes sure that he has a “your goal is my goal” focus so he is just as motivated to reach that goal as the client is, in that quest for fitness excellence.

Stu has a proud client base both male and female which ranges from the exercise beginner, weekend warrior to Elite Athlete, even other Personal trainers and Fitness professionals have been trained by Stu.


  • YMCA Personal Trainer Diploma (Advanced Level 3) Including Exercise Nutrition and Circuit Training

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Extreme Kettlebell Instructor (EKI) - Optimal Life Fitness

  • Advanced Extreme Kettlebell Instructor (AEKI) - Optimal Life Fitness

  • RKC Instructor (Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Paval Tsatsouline)

    Gym Jones Fundamental seminar L1 (2010)

    Kinetic Chain and Movement Dynamics (KMD) 

  • Performance Boxing Coach - Optimal Life Fitness

  • Boxercise Instructor

  • Olympic Weightlifting Instructor - Optimal Life Fitness

  • International Bulgarian Bag Confederation Instructor - Optimal Life Fitness

    First Aider 

    Register Of Exercise Professionals (REPS)