Oliver 'I was feeling lost with exercise, heading to the gym alone and just doing the bare minimum to complete my “workouts”. I was then introduced to Stu by my partner who had been training with Stu for over a year, and all I can say is I never looked back.

Stu’s classes are designed to get everyone involved from complete novices who have never picked a Kettlebell or barbell up in their lives (this was me), to semi-professional athletes who compete in fitness competitions. Stu took me under his wing, explained the differences between what I had been doing, to what I do now, and boy is there a big difference. 

I’ve gone from lifting a maximum deadlift weight of 90kg for one rep to competing in the Scale of Heights competition lifting 110kg for 30 reps! And all of this in just 6 months! He’s trained me on many different forms of strength and conditioning training, and I’m still learning. I honestly look back and think without his inspiration, and the “fitness family” that he has created I’d have never got to this point. If you want to get fit, strong and healthy head down to Stu-Nique.'


Kate 'I have trained with Stu in classes and for personal training for 6 years and I can honestly say he is one of the most down to earth and inspirational trainers you will meet. Whether you are in 121 training or participating in a class he will always take time to motivate and challenge each team member. Whatever your goals, he will take them onboard and tailor workouts/specific movements to accommodate your requirements. He will push you to achieve, but only as far as you want to go. Stu's passion along with his determination for training has created a unique gym environment, where like minded individuals come together to achieve their goals. This fitness family is a pleasure to be part of and makes training an even more enjoyable experience!   Don't ever change!'

Jen 'After having spent the best part of 10 years in the fitness wilderness, I was introduced to Kettlebells at Stu-Nique Fitness and have never looked back. Having also signed myself up for PT sessions with Stu, I have become a slimmer, fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident version of myself, knowing that I am in safe hands in a supportive environment.  Now, instead of looking for excuses to get out of doing exercise, I look forward to each session and to new challenges. Three years in and it's become a way of life.'

''I've been doing the Kettlebell class that Stu runs for about 4 years now and it's the best class/group training I've ever done. The strengthening that the KB classes have given me, particularly my core and lower back, is great and has helped reduce the constant lower back problems I used to have. The main gain however is the improvement in my fitness levels and body shape/strength. Stu has a great ability to get you and the group to work at your limits and by doing it as a group you spur each other on to do more, it's tough but worth it!! there's also a great social aspect as well! Stu is really inspiring and without a doubt the best personal trainer I have known, he makes you feel welcome and pushes you to operate within your limits but not beyond them. Get involved you won't regret it.'

Ria  'I've been to a couple of gyms before and never achieved my goals, going to the gym seemed like a chore, I was easily bored so I gave up. Since training with Stu I'm the fittest I've ever been and well on my way to achieveing my goals. I am even entering my first ever fitness competition this year, which is a massive achievement for me. Every work out is different and keeps me on my toes. When I walk through the Stu-Nique Fitness doors I'm excited to see what my work out is, what next level I will be pushed to and what I can achieve. Every session I walk out the doors feeling motivated, satisfied and craving the next gym session! Stu is very supportive, extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a motivating trainer, I couldn't recommend him enough. Stu has created a fantastic facility and really is passionate about helping his fitness family, be the best they can be. Thanks Stu for my journey so far and I'll see you at the next session.'

Muhammad  'I have a heart condition and recently had an operation that had failed. I have since been unable to do many things and had become quite weak. I made the choice to join the gym and chose Stu as I had been in his gym before.
Since day one of joining, Stu has always been kind to me and helped me out, starting with the basics and helping me progress as I got better. He is always there to make sure that I am doing the movements properly, and is great company in the gym with his advice and professionalism. I have never felt that I do not belong in the gym and everyone there has always been friendly and like a family.
It has now been a year since I have joined, and I am feeling so much better. I have gotten steadily stronger than I have ever been and am still getting better! Thanks to Stu for his help in the gym, supporting me to get stronger again. If I had to make the decision again to join the gym, I would not hesitate. If anyone is looking for someone to help them, I would recommend Stu to them; knowledgeable, friendly and very, very supportive!'

Guy 'Dear Stuart, I would like to say thanks for assisting me with my fitness & weight loss. The exercises you gave me with the kettle bells, combined with all the other apparatus were superb.
Thanks to you my weight is now down from 103kilos to 92kilos, within 6 weeks.
It has been hard work but the effects are worth it.
I will be recommending your services to all my friends.'

John  'I’ve worked with two other trainers before Stu, both of whom were good. However, Stu is the only trainer I have come across who works with kettle bells (and is fully qualified) and the sessions he devises have given me far better results in terms of improving muscle tone and CV fitness than I’ve ever had before. Working with the kettle bells (and the TRX® suspension trainer) is really good fun and keeps training interesting. Stu is excellent to work with on a personal level, extremely professional and he keeps it fun which motivates you to work even when you have the odd off day (or the odd day off training). Give Stu and his kettle bells a try - you won’t regret it.'

Wendy 'Stuart has been training me for approximately 12+ months and I have been extremely pleased with my results. I would highly recommend Stuart to any of my friends as he is an excellent trainer and is very supportive and most importantly gets results.'

David  'After seeing your advert, I thougt let's give it a try as going to the gym was not working so well. After the first week the usual aches but they soon disappeared then by the 3rd week my clothes began to fit better in fact just about everything has started to improve sleep, energy, and have seen my blood pressure lower.

Thanks Stuart see you at the next session. P.S The nutrition advice has helped lots.'