We specialise in unconventional training methods using Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Body weight movements, SkiErgs, Rowers, Airbikes and many other methods to get Leaner, Faster, Stronger and Fitter.




Founded in 2009, STU-NIQUE FITNESS was different from the very beginning.
Offering Functional strength and conditioning for beginners, the everyday athlete and the more advanced. STU-NIQUE FITNESS gave everyone the support and confidence to push their bodies in the right way. Training that empowered them to a new level of both physical and mental wellbeing.  High-quality Functional Fitness Training, unlike anything they’d seen before.
But above all else, STU-NIQUE FITNESS is about community; a Fitness Family who will support you, test you & push you to your limits.


We’re not just a gym; we’re a group of individuals with different goals from different backgrounds. Stu-Nique is here to help you achieve your goals.

3000 SQ FT Functional Training Space

Our facility is fully equipped with UKs leading functional equipment supplier, WOLVERSON FITNESS.

Along with superb conditioning machines with Concept 2 Ski, Bike and Row Ergs. And the Awesome Assault Airbikes.


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We want to be a Gym that empowers the community; that supports those around us when they need it. That aspires to peak physical and mental wellbeing.
We will do this by creating an environment that fosters positivity and drive, friendship and competition, and by creating a remarkable personal experience that connects with our members and community to revolutionise human Strength & performance. Our mission isn’t just Fitness….it’s more than just training your body, it’s Therapy for every aspect of life.

Stu-Nique Reviews

Tracey Lively


Stunique fitness is THE greatest place to train with like minded people with little or no egos like a conventional gym sometimes seem to hold.

The coach that is Stu is a great guy who helps you reach your realistic fitness goals. He always has great programs to do and different workouts on the board. Of course you can join the gym and pay a monthly and not only do Stus programs, classes and workouts, but your own stuff too.

Classes that are held on most nights have a real camaraderie to them with a great atmosphere. They are highly addictive that you find yourself there most days if not everyday 😊 These classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to the hardcore as each exercise, kettlebell or weights can be tailored to your individual experience and needs.

Do yourself a favour, join the Stunique Fitness Family….. You won’t regret it 💪

Luke Morris


I would highly recommend Stu-Nique Fitness. If you are looking for help achieving your fitness goals then contact Stuart. The individual sessions and nutritional advice are exceptional. The classes are hard work and engaging. If you want a friendly place to train then definitely head down to Stu-Nique HQ.

Kirsty Smith


After a summer at an American camp and a significant weight increase when I came home, i booked a holiday to Ibiza for later the following year and was SO BODY CONSCIOUS! I was recommended to go join stu’s gym by a friend and I’ve never ever looked back since. I have found strength, both physically and mentally! I’ve found the best group of people to train with & I’ve been pushed to limits and extremes I never thought I’d ever reach. I had never lifted a weight in my life, yet 4 years later, it’s a passion and something that has become a part of me. It’s such a great feeling to know the members (new and old) at stu’s push one another, to work to our greatest abilities. It’s a gym to train; no judgement, no mirrors etc. Just hard work and fun!!

Marisa spiteri


A great little oasis in the world of gyms.
I’ve been trained by Stu for over 10 years and have throughly enjoyed every single one of them.
Stu teaches with a vast amount of knowledge and no Ego. He adapts classes/sessions to your needs and abilities and everyone feels welcome and part of the “gym family” from session 1.


Day Class

- 0600 SGPT
- 0700 SGPT
- 0930 HEAT
- 1215 HEAT
- 1630 SGPT
- 1730 KB F.I.T
- 1830 KB F.I.T


- 0600 SGPT
- 0700 SGPT
- 0930 KB F.I.T
- 12:15 KB F.I.T
- 1630 SGPT
- 1730 ROGUE


- 0600 SGPT
- 0600 I.W.T
- 0700 SGPT
- 0700 I.W.T
- 0930 I.W.T
- 1215 I.W.T
- 1630 SGPT
- 1630 I.W.T
- 1730 I.W.T
- 1830 HEAT


- 0600 SGPT
- 0700 SGPT
- 0930 SWEAT
- 1215 SWEAT
- 16:30 SGPT
- 1800 METCON
- 1900 METCON


- 0600 SGPT
- 0600 FYF
- 0700 SGPT
- 0700 FYF
- 0930 FYF
- 1215 FYF
- 1630 SGPT
- 1630 FYF
- 1730 FYF


- 0700 SGPT

SUNDAY And rest...
Usual opening times

Gym open for general use in between class times 

GYM Classes

Kettlebell Functional Interval Training, is a group based class aimed at all Levels. If you are seriously looking to get in the best shape of your life and get rid of stubborn body fat, increase your strength and cardio fitness with real results to show for it then this is the session for you! Expect to burn 20.2 cals per minute!  Yes that’s an amazing 1200 cals per session!!! Fact