Adam Bass


Stu is excellent. I’ve used him for a number of months now to help improve my fitness. The gym is a nice size and he’s there to help everyone. If your looking to get stronger, fitter or just generally healthier then this is a great place to go and the community Stu has built will make you feel very welcome and part of the Stu-Nique family.

Matthew Richardson


I have trained in various gyms and with various PT’s but nothing comes close to this place. Not only is Stuart a high-class trainer he builds your body and mind in everything he teaches. There is nothing this guy doesn’t know about kettlebells and all other forms of training (strength, conditioning, cross-fit etc), not only that but the members of this gym all become like family and support each other, the group sessions he runs are great fun and hard work. I have learnt more from Stuart in a short space of time than I have in years of training in other places.

If you want to change yourself physically and mentally you will not regret turning up on his doorstep, I now will not go anywhere else to train or learn new techniques.

Joanne Colvin


Great atmosphere as soon as you walk in. I have only just started my fitness journey here and I have been made so very welcome, great sessions with lots of opportunities to develop and work hard with lots of positive vibes. I will definitely be recommending 👍

paris connolly

This has to be the best gym I’ve trained at in Leicester! It feels like a community and extended family. I love the mixture of individual workouts and group workouts. There’s so many options for different styles of training and classes. I never liked any gym classes but these feel completely different. STU is an amazing trainer and coach and focuses on mindset and well as physical! Definitely come down for a session!

Jamie March


Stu-Nique is simply unique!

The best gym to work out in Leicester bar none. The variety of workouts, the amazing people, the atmosphere is what sets it apart from all the rest. There is nothing else anything like it and I love the place 🏋🏻💪🏻❤️

Keep up the great work Stu 👍🏻

Dawna Moffat

Been with Stu for almost two years, best gym I have ever been to. My fitness is the best it’s ever been. The gym has a great atmosphere and Stu will encourage you to reach your full potential.

Tracey Lively


Stunique fitness is THE greatest place to train with like minded people with little or no egos like a conventional gym sometimes seem to hold.

The coach that is Stu is a great guy who helps you reach your realistic fitness goals. He always has great programs to do and different workouts on the board. Of course you can join the gym and pay a monthly and not only do Stus programs, classes and workouts, but your own stuff too.

Classes that are held on most nights have a real camaraderie to them with a great atmosphere. They are highly addictive that you find yourself there most days if not everyday 😊 These classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to the hardcore as each exercise, kettlebell or weights can be tailored to your individual experience and needs.

Do yourself a favour, join the Stunique Fitness Family….. You won’t regret it 💪

Luke Morris


I would highly recommend Stu-Nique Fitness. If you are looking for help achieving your fitness goals then contact Stuart. The individual sessions and nutritional advice are exceptional. The classes are hard work and engaging. If you want a friendly place to train then definitely head down to Stu-Nique HQ.

Kirsty Smith


After a summer at an American camp and a significant weight increase when I came home, i booked a holiday to Ibiza for later the following year and was SO BODY CONSCIOUS! I was recommended to go join stu’s gym by a friend and I’ve never ever looked back since. I have found strength, both physically and mentally! I’ve found the best group of people to train with & I’ve been pushed to limits and extremes I never thought I’d ever reach. I had never lifted a weight in my life, yet 4 years later, it’s a passion and something that has become a part of me. It’s such a great feeling to know the members (new and old) at stu’s push one another, to work to our greatest abilities. It’s a gym to train; no judgement, no mirrors etc. Just hard work and fun!!

Marisa spiteri


A great little oasis in the world of gyms.
I’ve been trained by Stu for over 10 years and have throughly enjoyed every single one of them.
Stu teaches with a vast amount of knowledge and no Ego. He adapts classes/sessions to your needs and abilities and everyone feels welcome and part of the “gym family” from session 1.

Sarah Adcock


Great Gym! Stu is awesome and really takes the time to motivate, train and help you reach your fitness goals! The atmosphere in the gym is electric and the members make a huge effort to make you welcome! I would recommend this Gym to the Beginners and the well trained!

My first month training at the gym I lost 1 stone! And I had fun each pound I lost! Who ever said that…🤣

The Monday Kettlebells is a favourite! Saturdays Salvation is not for the faint heartened “hard work never killed anyone” and boy you work in this one!

Never walked away without a huge smile on my face and sweat running down my back! Go check it out!

Ben Smith


I’ve been using Stu-Nique fitness for almost 3 years now, it has a very positive vibe, Stu is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes anything fitness related and has help me push my boundaries and get be in the best shape I have been in for years, Thankyou 💪🏻

Grace Reynolds


5 stars, a million times over! ⭐️

Stu’s gym really is unique; the dedication and hard work from all members create an atmosphere you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Stu brings out the best in everyone, both physically and mentally, creating a group of like-minded people where there is absolutely no judgement or competition (only healthy competition where required :D), just a want to train hard and achieve personal goals and improvements.
After 6 years at this gym, I couldn’t see myself training anywhere else.

Trishul Bhayani

Stu is an awesome strength kettle bell instructor. Super motivational and believes in you no matter what. Fun environment to be in. No judgement whatever your fitness status is.

Milan Patel


I contacted Stu for some 1-1 training, to not just lose weight, but also to get my body into a healthier stronger state. It’s been 6 weeks and I can honestly say the changes to my general health, confidence and weight have been very positive. I won’t go on, but I feel stronger, lighter (a new wardrobe will be required soon!) and everyday chores and exercises are a lot easier.

Stu is knowledgeable, and even outside of the 1-1 sessions he’s always available to answer questions, help with dietary requirements, and also messages you to ensure you remain focused.

The training itself is organized and focused on my requirements. There’s many new exercise’s I’ve learnt during the past 6 weeks, and, so far, I’ve enjoyed each and every session. Stu pushes you through encouragement and positive feedback. (as opposed to someone shouting at you…nothing wrong with that, but It just doesn’t work for me).

So if you’re looking at shifting some lockdown weight, build muscle, increase stamina and generally get yourself in good shape etc…. I would highly recommend Stu-Nique fitness.

Pieter Brouwer

This gym has a great atmosphere where everyone works hard and where we encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. If you’re tired of commercial gyms that over promise and under deliver, come and see Stu and get real results.

Yes, you’ll have to dig deep and work bl**day hard but, as long as you’re honest with yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Laura Beardsmore


After several years of not really doing any kind of exercise my husband persuaded me to go to Stunique, where he had been training for some time. I was so nervous but he said it isn’t like other gyms and he was so right! Unlike other gyms I’ve been a member of where following the initial induction I would just wonder around not really knowing what to do, at Stunique there are workouts on the board most days that Stu will scale/adapt if needed. Equally, you can do your own thing or there are lots of classes that are enjoyed by many. Stu is really knowledgable and always on hand to offer advice, support and encouragement and everyone is really welcoming and friendly. Since joining Stunique not only has my physical health improved but my mental health has too and I honestly couldn’t see myself training anywhere else. Highly recommend!